Thursday, June 7, 2012

Be Successful...Leave Dead Weight Behind

June 7, 2012

When life changes, be prepared to change with it.  Don't hang on to the hang on's.  When I say this please know that this just does not refer to love relationships.  We make mistakes with our choice of friends as well.  You should be in control of you and who you are connected to at all times.  Just because someone looks the part doesn't mean they fit.  Listen carefully to what they say and watch what you've heard.  It doesn't take long to see things when you are focused.  No time left for pretty, nice or sweet (the endearing terms we use to describe a person we meet).  It is business.  The business of life.  We must learn to value our space and protect it.  When you allow the negative (gossip, treachery, slothfulness, and down right evil) to occupy space in your mind,  you open yourself up to doubting your own abilities.  By that I mean,  when you have too much speaking in your ear you tend to become a deer in headlights.  Confusion sets in and you end up going nowhere.  Those people are mere distractions.  They are toxic / poison.  Nothing positive comes from their mouths. THEY have no desire to excel and THEY talk about YOU for dreaming.   Only the positive should reside in the intimate sector or your life.  Keep yourself empowered and armed by having the right connections at all times.  This is your engine.  There is no room for foolishness.   Your thoughts have to be challenged regularly so that you draw from the universe the things that you desire.  When you surround yourself with people who believe as you do, think as you do and speak as you do (that does not mean that you are not different) then you begin to move and operate in your calling.  In other words find someone that is on the same page as you.  I used to think that I could change the negative speaking and negative thinking people around me until I had a rude awakening.  I learned that people are who they are and we are not the Savior.  These individuals will only change when they desire to do so.  They would drain my energy to a point that my mind would start to second guess what I know to be true.  I would then slow down and almost walk at THEIR pace in MY own life.  It was just not worth it.  I was dragging someone into their destiny, only to find out that they really did not want to be there.  The work that is involved in being successful was too much for them.  They were in a routine of "I can't because..." and I was ruining that their high.   Now that is time that I lost and can never get back.

All of that has changed now.  I keep me a good group of energy pills (my nickname for my team) around me.  We know how to spark one another and keep each other in the game.  They are successful and so am I.  It took me a minute to get over my own guilt of not carrying the ones that I thought were my friends who needed me.  But you know, I found out after making changes in my life, that they were never my friends in the first place.  They were hang on's,  the "what can you do for me people",  the "title (people who are attracted to big titles or show business positions) people".  Dead weight is what that ends up being.  I will not leave this earth at the hands of man.  We must remove the chainst so that we can fly.  Don't allow yourself to accept whatever  or whoever shows up.  You have the right to choose soooo... CHOOSE!!!!!  Watch the signs and take action immediately when you see them headed your way.  Do like the movie said, "Run Forest Run".  We really have one shot at life.  Don't  miss your mark because of someone else...!

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  1. In reading your post it took me back to a childhood friend that I called friend all the way into my adult life...but, I'm not sure on how to measure if I know if that person is really friend, or if they are someone I've known for a very long time. I find myself in awkward positions sometimes in my loyalty to that person. Meaning, am I doing it because I'm supposed to or am I doing it because I really believe this person to be my friend. As an adult I find it still to be difficult to decipher due to the blurred line in my eyes. Thanks for the post...something to make you go hmmm. And I look to hear your thoughts on my dilemma.