Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Who is THEY and who cares what they say???

So, you are down because of what THEY said.  THEY say that you shouldn't try your new idea because of the cost involved.  THEY say that you shouldn't go to another country because you know nothing about that place and you don't know anyone.  THEY say that you shouldn't marry him because he doesn't have anything.  How long will it be about THEM?  Secondly, who is THEY?????  Will we ever meet THEY?  Will they show up to pay the bills, feed the children, satisfy the missing needs?  Listen, it is time out for you not doing you because of the THEY (whom we have yet to met).  THEY say that we can't wear white past labor day.  Thanks to Lisa Raye, that has now become a myth.  Everyone on this planet has a mind to make their own decisions.  So don't allow anyone to stop your rhythm.  Keep your stride with your head held high.  You will get there but it is up to you.  So what if mistakes are made.  That is life.  A more fulfilling one, I might add, if you try.  If you keep letting everyone speak for you and to you about your own thoughts, then just take a seat and watch the person who has a mind of their own pass right on by you doing the thing that you wanted to do.  SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE TRY!!!!  They are not afraid to fail.  They don't let others tell them that they can't. they show them that they can.  You came into this world alone.  Only one baby can come out at a time.  With that said, your destiny belongs to you ONLY.   I met a lady not long ago who is 66 years old and works her fingers to the bone for the family.  Her hidden desire was to be an author.  She is an educator and married with 5 children.  Her husband never worked and he convinced her that she should not be thinking about writing because they need her to take care of the family.  Her excuse for that is that he tried and could never get the job he wanted.  Her head is full of grey hair and his is pure black.  She has every sickness known to man and he is in the greatest of health.  She lost her desire to write her books and cannot retire because it will not yield her enough income.  To top that, she is dissatisfied with her weight and he just finished writing his first book.  Why give someone that much control?   Always remember the old saying which is so true; Nothing beats a failure but a try!!!!  Let me know your thoughts.



  1. I love this post. It will promote any woman to put her own dreams into action. Good stuff Ms. Lady! Your words are always inspiring.

  2. To that point of those they people...could it be that that's our subconscious talking sometimes. Because ironically those they people are sometimes correct, even though they are talking heads in our minds and in others minds to have it as a topic of conversation. I would always say, I would love to meet one of those they people,...because they're so knowledgeable in most of their views which will spun a topic of conversation to dispel or conquer with them. Have a wonderful day, and thanks for your posts as usual.