Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Move...Your Destiny Awaits

Move...your destiny awaits

Often times we miss our window of opportunity because we are too busy creating them for other people.  We have to get to a place of knowing our purpose here.  This place is not always easy to find.  Some people on this earth are blessed with many talents and others just one.  The problem with the many is that it can hinder you going forward because there are so many options.  Options for some can be a bit of a curse if they are not careful.  You see, choices can make you wander off of your beaten path.  You could wind up working as a EMPLOYEE and never an EMPLOYER.  In its season, this is ok, but out of season you could smother and die at the hand of another's vision for their lives.  Please don't take what I am saying lightly take it seriously.  You were born with as much power as those around you.  JUST KNOW WHAT THAT IS and use it to your ADVANTAGE not to TAKE ADVANTAGE of someone else.  Be confident in who you are and your purpose for being here.  Don't be easily swayed, know your direction.  Don't be afraid to move when it is time.  Waiting becomes and unnecessary delay.  Remember, money will always be there, but time you can never get back.  Your experiences (good and bad) should stretch you that much closer to your destiny.  Don't let distractions continue to house all of your energy.  Create your own space and get in it.  You are your own original,  DON'T BE TRICKED INTO BEING SOMEONE ELSE'S COPY......

Sophia White


  1. You better say that! You are truly anointed. I have experienced your power in person :-).

  2. Replies
    1. I do hope so. I try to really say just what God wants us to know. We are so uniquely designed with our own gifts and talents. But it is up to us to walk in it. The truth is, when we decide to get on our purpose path, we gain ACCESS to our SUCCESS therefore the money comes easy. Let's stay connected and get each others word out.

  3. Great blog post today, and so very true!!!

    1. Thank you. So often times, you just don't know if what you have to say is really speaking to the souls of those who read it. I welcome your comments and thank you for reading. I would like to support you as well. Let's stay connected and get each others word out.